Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. is a national media company that produces some of the world's best print, digital, and media brands. We also compete in a marketing and digital space and represent talent from around the country that brings campaigns to life. 

Leading the way is Savoir Faire, but our other brands include, LUX&Ent, FIN Talent Agency, Coffee With Me, Dolfin Designs, amongst others. 



In 2013 founder and CEO of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc., Robert White launched a music management company in hopes to work with local and national talent in the industry. This dream quickly changed when he learned more about the modeling industry through a successful agent and friend.


The Idea of expanding into multiple genres of the entertainment industry excited Robert and launched him in a learning curve and direction he never thought he would go. By early 2014, Dolphin Entertainment Company had developed a unique talent roster that includes Disc Jockeys, Musical Acts, and Brand Ambassadors. Opportunities eventually grew and took Dolphin Entertainment Company inc. from a small upstate New York Boutique agency to a national booking and management services.

In a meeting with the models that he worked with he asked about their dreams and goals and what they wanted to have happen for their careers. It was one model that mentioned she wanted to be on the cover of major magazines that sparked an exciting conversation and lead to Robert Launching Splash Magazine in 2014.

“I reached out to every major publication you can think of and submitted the models to these brands to get them published and not one of them responded, determined to get them published, we set up shoots, and published our own brand!”

 The brand took off! After countless hours of developing the brand and years passing by, Splash Magazine became Splash International and was viewed by readers in the United States, Australia, China, The United Kingdom, and Canada.

In 2018 before Splash International took on a different direction, the brand was getting submissions from some of the largest models and photographers in the world. Robert decided that the content of Splash International and the content he wanted to be known for would have to change and it did.

The next creation for Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. was Savoir Faire Magazine. In the midst of releasing a magazine focused on confidence as a lifestyle, he also launched Dolfin Designs. Bring Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc to the front lines of the Marketing and Advertising industry.

The company continued to work with talent from around the globe and eventually, a division under the agency name FIN Talent Agency was created. Magazines were still being produced and marketing and advertising campaigns for clients were flowing in when Robert and Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. took another big step forward and launched clothing brands, events, and a model search.

These ideas and brands pushed the marketing to its max, and in 2018 Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc became incorporated and brought on its first investors.

Today, in 2021, the company is growing even more. With the development of LUX&Ent Magazine, a unique return from Splash International, and collaborations and ventures that will advance the brand even further, Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc and Robert White and excited about the future and our largest push yet to make our mark in the entertainment, marketing, and publication world.


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Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc Hosts the 2016 Mayoral Debate in the City of Corning, New York. 



Confidence Is A Mindset! Elite Guest, Robert White, Owner & CEO



Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. CEO Robert White is in the Press and talks about reaching for big dreams



Robert White of Dolphin Entertainment: "I'd love to have a mobile truck...



Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc Opens up its new Headquarters office in Corning, New York

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Robert White

Chief Executive Officer

Robert is the owner and creator of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. The Company launched in September 2013 and Robert has been the CEO since. 

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Gordon Fraser

Content Creator - Savoir Faire

Gordon Fraser is a Scottish Actor who was featured in The Master and joined Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. as a content creator for Savoir Faire. Gordan is currently a motivational speaker and brings his unique knowledge about creating opportunities in business.


Jain Karan

Creative Director - Savoir Faire

Karan is the owner of MagFirst and is the lead creative on the creation of Savoir Faire Magazine. 

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Head of Public Relations

Silvia Kal is the owner of SGG Public Relations and is the head public relations representative for Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. She also is a content creator for Savoir Faire Magazine and is a co-owner of LUX&Ent Magazine along with Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. 


Morgan Palmer

Freelance Editor - Savoir Faire

Morgan is a freelance Editor for Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. Her focus is on Savoir Faire and Editing articles and content for the publication.