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Welcome to a new way to sell Digital Publications. It’s a simple process really, we take Digital Magazine Publications and convert them to a sellable retail product. But Why? Well…

The publication industry is a billion-dollar industry and in the last five to seven years 1000’s of brand-new publications have launched in a digital format. With Websites like Amazon and the Application Markets of Google and Apple digital publishers can compete with larger publications for market share and get there brands out to the masses. Digital Publishers are flooding the internet!

But, In a world that is debating about Digital and Print these digital publishers are not considered “legitimate” unless they are seen on the shelves in retail.

This is an odd concept for us at magZstand, since the facts show that customers are purchasing more digital then print!

The New York Times for example made 1.3 billion dollars in 2017 in all their formats including subscriptions, and advertising dollars and $600 Million of that was only digital subscribers.

MagZstand is a “soft” transition to this industry, allowing digital and print publishers to sell their products in a new way and slowly start the movement to go green and become a 100% digital industry.


In every store across America this is what the publication isle looks like

pallets of magazines are shipped at expensive costs for each publication to warehouses and distribution centers.


With this service displays could be as simple as a wall mount


MagZstand packaging could be delivered in the passenger side of your car.

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MagZstand is a digital to retail product that challenges the publishing industry to save trees. This green service takes magazine publications from around the world and offers them in digital form in retail locations. this process cuts back on printing costs, shipping costs and brings the customer a wide variety of titles to choose from. the process will allow the reader to visit a retail location of their choice and select their favorite magazine and get access to that publication in their email address and access to read it on any device they choose.  



Robert White 

President of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc.