Classic Designs Have Been Revamped

Bring your swimwear style into the modern era with classic designs cut with All Over Printing. This classic West Coast beach sunset image will have onlookers envious for your design choices and dreaming about their next sunset trip to the beach. If you’ve ever gazed at a Southern California coast sunset and wished you could capture it in a wearable fabric, Oasis Swimwear has just the designs for you.

Oasis Swimwear’s unique bathing suit styles are designed with beautiful views of scenic photography and aesthetic art pieces. The suits are available in bikini or one-piece options and feature new designs as art is collected.

This modern design technique is called All Over Printing. The process behind this design trend is printing the selected image on the entire swimsuit before sewing it together. This allows for a bold design that turns heads. Because the design is not focused on one area of the front and back of the garment, the print allows the graphic designer to utilize every area of the clothing design including seams, hems, and zips. Turn yourself into a literal piece of art and showcase your personal photography preference with your style.

While this printing style is becoming more popular, many clothing companies have not yet hopped on the trend. Because the design extends across the entire clothing garment, the graphic designers have to incorporate an image that extends past the border of the canvas. This is called the bleed. Designing with this in mind makes sure the image has the ideal look on all sides, even after it has been trimmed down and sewed together.

Look for individuality in your summer wardrobe by ensuring you’re wearing a design that looks just as breathtaking from all angles and showcases new and classic art pieces.

This particular design is a classic photo of the gorgeous Southern California sunset over an expansive ocean landscape. The silhouetted palm trees jutting up in the foreground offer an interesting depth in the image, drawing the viewer in to explore between the tree trunks and discover the sailboats parked along the horizon. Wear the awe-inspiring colors that are only visible in a perfect West Coast sunset.

If you’re looking to catch the attention of everyone at the beach or by the pool, this swimsuit style is the perfect choice. Invoke a sense of nostalgia for the relaxing vibes of the California Coast while complementing your skin tone with deep warm colors that are sure to make any tan pop.

Interested in browsing other coastal views? Our extensive catalogue of swimsuit designs is inspired by romantic coastal sunsets, relaxing beach days, and trendy elemental aesthetics. Each design has been carefully crafted to ensure you’ll get the attention you seek, wherever you’re located. You’ll be shocked at how incredible you can look while wearing a classic coastal print. Check out all of our All Over Printing options to find the right suit(s) for your summer style.

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