Coffee With Me - Episode Four: Interview with DJ Unk

In the fourth episode of Coffee With Me, we interviewed international hip hop artist, DJ Unk.

Anthony Platt, aka DJ Unk, is an American DJ and rapper. His songs have been featured on the popular 2K Sports NBA 2K9 game and he is best known for his hit song, “Walk It Out”.

Anthony grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. He has been a huge music fan from a very young age, listening to musicians such as Grandmaster Flash, James Brown, and Michael Jason. His love of music extends past one genre and he respects the craft it takes to write a great song. He respected the music his parents would play after a long hard day at work. He would often change the record on the record player to explore new music and experiment with songs he would jam to when he was doing chores.

When Anthony was in tenth grade in 1998, he invested in new turntables for himself. He joined the DJ entourage of DJ Jelly and DJ Montay, forming the Southern Style Djs. They showed DJ Unk the ropes of what it means to be an Atlanta performing Southern Style Dj. They performed at school dances, house parties, carnation balls, and sports bars, and pep rallies around Georgia. In 2000, DJ Unk caught the attention of Big Oomp and was signed to his label, Big Oomp Records.

DJ Unk was recruited to go on the road for three months, playing with artists like Swiss Beats, Yung Wun, and Nick Cannon. The tour opened his eyes to how big of a role djs play in performances in relation to the artist. He expresses how djs play the music so the artist can perform, without the dj there would be no show. He respected what the artists brought to the table but was unimpressed with how some artists are late to interviews or cause unnecessary chaos on stage. After the tour, he realized he wanted to be the one performing on stage in front of a crowd of people.

Unk brought the level of professionalism and calmness he wanted to achieve to every aspect of his life. If there was something bothering him or his loved ones, he would preach a mantra of let it go and walk it out. This mantra was the source of inspiration for his 2006 hit song, “Walk It Out”, which reached Billboard Hot 100 top 10. The first time he heard his hit song, “Walk It Out”, he was changing a tire on the side of the road. He was in the running for multiple radio show top hits listings.

He released the album 2econd Season in 2008, which was made popular by the single, “Show Out”. The album reached moderate success.

In 2009, DJ Unk suffered health-conditions which lowered his availability for public appearances. He continues creating music. His most recent singles include the 2013 single, “Have A Toast”, and the 2014 single, “Wait”.

DJ Unk continues to tour throughout the college circuit.

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