Coffee With Me - Episode Three: Interview with DSB Band

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

In the third episode of Coffee With Me, we interviewed Roger Kane and Juan Del Castillo, the guitar player and lead vocalist from the Journey tribute band, DSB (Don’t Stop Believing).

DSB started covering Journey songs simply because Juan’s voice replicated the popular Steve Perry. They consider themselves a tribute band rather than a cover band because they tirelessly spend their time accurately mirroring the performance from the Journey soundtracks. Every strum, key, and movement is tributed to the original band’s performance, creating an authentic experience for their followers and the fans of the original Journey band.

Juan was bitten by the music industry bug at a young age. He started singing at the age of three and began performing in musical theater when he was nine. His passion was to have a career that meant he could sing around the world, and he has now been living his dream for 10 years.

Roger was also influenced by music in his youth. His father had a music degree and performed arrangements and background vocals on the Lawrence Welk show and Andy Williams show in Los Angeles. Being a musician, his father always kept beat up acoustic guitars around the house, which Roger picked up to start strumming as soon as he was old enough. He would follow along with popular songs on the radio, learning the chords by ear. His father noticed his talent and purchased him his first official guitar, and the rest is history.

DSB began with Juan and the tribute band’s founding keyboardist were part of a different Journey tribute band when they attended a Journey cover band’s show in Las Vegas. They left their tribute band and formed a new group with participants in the cover band which became DSB.

Juan has had the pleasure of meeting the majority of the original members of Journey, all of which are very supportive in DSB’s sound and purpose. He still hopes to sit down and meet with Steve Perry to discuss, not only stories of songs origins and playing live, but to ask technical questions that will help him perform live and replicate his sound a bit better.

The band has become popular among those who yearn for the classic rock melodies of Journey. An official friend group has started called DSB Faithful, where followers of the band can share tour dates and information about the band to get the word to spread. DSB fondly recognizes their 10 year success has been because of their friend spreading their band’s sounds via word of mouth.

DSB performs 150 times each year. Throughout their 10 year journey, they have mastered their tribute to Journey’s songs and performance, keeping the band’s sound and energy alive.

Juan’s biggest piece of advice for music lovers is to see your favorite bands now. Don’t wait until you think it’s the right time because you never know when they’re going to stop performing, and seeing your favorite band live is always the best experience you will ever have.

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