Episode Five, Interview with Anthony Neste

In the fifth episode of Savoir Faire, we interviewed experienced photographer, Anthony Neste.

Anthony is a seasoned photographer of over 25 years. He has worked with Sports Illustrated and HBO and is now one of the leading glamour and fashion photographers in the state of Florida.

He grew up in New York where he discovered his love for production, lighting, and entertainment. His father was a stagehand at NBC, working for Johnny Carson. Anthony’s love for the entertainment industry stemmed from attending live shows with his father, and he decided he was going to go into the content creation industry.

Anthony’s photography journey started with a PR film job with General Motors in 1974. During the shoot, a still camera was requested, and Anthony was the only one the device. He was directed to shoot still photography of a few motorhomes for GM for $2000. He was astounded by the pay that came with pursuing still photography and immediately ordered more equipment to fulfill his new passion after he came home from the set.

His photography career met a turning point when he was introduced with Kevin Fitzgerald, the photo editor at Sport Magazine. Anthony had no prior sports photography experience, but his portfolio showcased his talent for catching a great image. Kevin was impressed and gave him credentials and intel to attend popular New York sporting events and shoot headshots of designated players. It was Anthony’s first experience receiving payment for his published sports related photography.

Shortly after, Kevin hired Anthony as a regular sports photographer. He was quickly thrown into the world of shooting professional sports players for popular magazines. Kevin transitioned to become a photo editor for Sports Illustrated and recruited Anthony to bring his portfolio to his colleagues. Anthony attended the Sports Illustrated meeting and was in awe of the professionalism and talent available at the publication. He was invited to shoot his first column for the magazine the following Saturday. That one job in 1980 turned into a 17-year career.

His career as a sports photographer quickly became a steady routine. Every Friday he would hop on a flight to attend a Saturday game. Following the game, he would ship the film to the publication for printing as he drove to the airport to board another flight for a game the next day. He would then fly back home and drop off his new film at the publication’s photo lab.

Anthony’s photography journey shifted as he followed his friend from Sports Illustrated to cover boxing at HBO. This started a new routine consisting of frequent flights to Las Vegas to shoot for fights, concerts, def jam comics, and movies (his most famous work includes shooting with The Sopranos). His flights became so consistent that he was audited just on suspicion on his numerous trips to the same location.

Anthony continues to pursue his love for still photography while diversifying his portfolio and bringing in lanes of cash flow. He’s currently shooting glamour and fashion in Florida.

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