Episode Four, Three Tips 4 Online Dating

In the seventh episode of Savoir Faire, we’re sharing our three tips for online dating.

When most people think about the word confidence, most people attribute it to individual behavior. After diving further into this, we have discovered that confidence is more of a lifestyle rather than a human characteristic. There is a lot of growth and development to be made first before you can be the person who walks into a room and gains immediate attention.

Confidence isn’t isolated into an in-person experience. It is replicated onto your online dating profile, but you need to know the proper steps to successfully portray that confidence.

Gentlemen, follow these three steps to enhance your online dating confidence and look like a sophisticated Savoir Faire guy in your profile to attract more engagement.

Step one, take photos of yourself outdoors. 80% of the women we have talked to shared that they think a man who is participating in outdoor activities is more attractive than photos of a man sitting at home. It does not have to be a highly edited photo taken with an expensive camera. An iPhone or Android picture will suffice. You also do not have to be directly outdoors in the photo, you just have to be doing an activity that is outside your immediate home. Take a photo enjoying a cup of coffee at a cafe, or about to dig into a delicious meal at a nice restaurant. Women just want to see that you are excited about getting out of your house and experiencing new things.

This also presents a great opportunity to show off your personal style. You do not have to wear a three-piece suit in every photo, but showcase your own fashion sense through your wardrobe. You also want to update your photos as the seasons change to show that you are active and looking for a partner. With change of season comes more opportunities to show off your seasonal wardrobe.

Step two, update your profile with your full personality. This is your place to add your dating resume. Update your bio with what you do for work, what excites you, what your favorite food is, what activities are on your bucket list, etc. Try to find things that are unique about you that can engage a conversation between you and a potential match. This sparks excellent conversation and can help attract more women who are better suited for your life. Keep your confidence high by cleaning up your spelling and grammar in your profile while adding specific stories that you are proud to talk about.

Step three (also the most important step) when you’re engaging with women, you want to pursue them in a very confident and polite manner. You want to stay away from being too pushy and too vulgar right off the bat. Not everyone has the same level of comfort in conversation as you do. You want to be able to open up and form a connection in the texting portion first, without being too blunt, before you ask her on a physical date. A great exercise to try is share something about yourself that she wouldn’t know just by looking at your profile. This will show her that you are interested in sharing more details about yourself, but you aren’t moving too fast. Make sure you comment on something about her profile as well, so you are showing you are interested in getting to know her better.

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