Episode Seven, Interview with Tia Maria

In the seventh episode of Savoir Faire, we interviewed experienced businesswoman, real estate mogul, and NYC event coordinator, Tia Maria Montemurro.

Tia grew up in The Bronx with two sisters and one brother. She was very close with her family of entrepreneurs and that support helped her through her entrepreneurial spirit. She opened up her first clothing store at 18 years old. Her store did so well she opened a second one shortly after. She managed her successful fashion stores from ages 18 - 23. While she has moved away from her clothing stores, she still dabbles in fashion today by designing her own jewelry that she presents at shopping expos.

She dedicates her business drive on her classic Italian upbringing. When Tia was young, she believed in working hard and following one of three paths: growing up and working for your family’s business, creating your own business to run yourself, or taking over your family business and acting as an apprentice to your parents. She admired seeing her parents working hard at their business, bringing home all the paperwork and nitty gritty details to work on that most children aren’t exposed to at a young age.

A true entrepreneur through and through, Tia promotes going against the norm of what society expects of us with higher education. She did not attend college but still worked hard to build up her own business. Millions of teenagers buy into the notion that you have to go to an expensive college and accrue copious amounts of debt, just to get a low paying job. She encourages people to take a step back before signing their lives away and think about what really makes them happy. If they have a passion for hair, nails, aesthetics, etc. they can spend a lot less to go to a trade school, learn the skills to do exactly what they want to do, and make a lot of money with a profession that fulfills them.

Tia now owns her own business as a New York, Westchester, and Rockland event coordinator and holds her license as a real estate mogul. She specializes in hosting dinner events, enhancing your dining experience with background music featuring the classic sounds of Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Cher, and more. She has a well-established portfolio of event venues to choose from including The Coliseum Night Club in White Plains, The Time Hotel in Nyack, The Trump Plaza, and The Attic Rooftop in New York City.

As a real estate mogul, Tia has been running her family’s New York real estate for 27 years. She handles all the maintenance and management every day. She has achieved an impressive 100% rental collection while she has been at the helm of the buildings. Attributing her consistent and driven mentality, Tia believes she would be a great manager for other buildings as well, but she claims she cannot work for anyone else but herself. She has worked hard her whole life in building up her businesses, and like a true boss, she has taught herself everything she knows and has learned from her failures along the way.

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