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Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Olga Piskunova is a self-proclaimed Siberian unicorn currently residing in Los Angeles, California. If her gorgeous looks don’t put her in the category of ethereal mystical being, her vivacious personality and out-of-this-world accomplishments will.

Olga is an achieved college graduate with a degree in Civil Engineering and a certified fitness instructor. Her Instagram, boasting 99.4K followers, treats her followers to a thorough portfolio of her many verticals as a professional model, as well as follow along with her fitness videos. Her videos provide an inviting aesthetic while motivating the audience to workout alongside her to achieve their fitness goals.

Alongside her many academic and physical achievements, she has also accumulated a very extensive and diverse modeling portfolio. She excels at modeling for various photoshoot mediums—balancing the unique worlds of sophisticated and soft. Her years of experience have taught her to accentuate her best angles and draw attention to both the product and her body lines. She enjoys exploring various environments to model in, taking on challenging positions thanks to her expertly toned physique.

In addition to still photography, Olga also has experience in runway modeling. She has walked in many shows including those features in New York Fashion Week. Being a fashion show veteran, Olga knows the high-stakes pressure of handling the bustling chaos behind the scenes and delivering on her modeling skills while walking the runway. Olga is aware of the practice it takes to maintain her runway walk and has even safely taken her struts to the streets of Los Angeles during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Walking the runway is like riding a bike. Once you learn how to do it, you never forget it. But modeling is a very subjective industry. You may have your walk mastered, but it might not work for every designer, so it has to change. Mastering poses, styles, and turns is another process in itself. The only way to truly become a mastered runway model is to practice on your own and with different designers.

The runway model industry is extremely competitive. Models have to master a minimum of three styles of walking and showcase their best walk to the designers and other models. If the designer is interested in their look and believes their walk will work with their wardrobe, they’ll book them for the show.

The three walks every model must know are the standard walk, the formal walk, and the couture walk. The standard walk is a moderately paced neutral walk. Most shows showcase this walk as it is the most versatile with wardrobes. The formal walk is slower-paced and more elegant. The walk is usually coupled with suits or dresses and encourages the models to add a sense of professionalism. The couture walk is the most popular among European designers. This walk encourages models to express energy and personality.

Olga’s mastery of runway modeling shows the hard work and dedication she has put into her modeling career.

Being Siberian, Olga speaks fluent Russian. She is 6' with light brown hair and brown eyes. Her measurements include, Bust: 34", Waist: 24", Hips: 36", and Shoe: 8.5 US. You can find her on Instagram @olyaolkina.

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