Ladies And Gentlemen, The Queen Is Here!

Meet Scarlett Queen, also known as the Queen of TikTok. Scarlett is a 24-year-old model and TikTok influencer, currently holding an impressive 148K followers on the popular content creation platform.

Scarlett’s TikTok presence showcases her ability to hop on the latest trends and gain attention to her online brand. Her videos range from effortlessly completing the latest trending TikTok dance, utilizing her ability to draw attention to her flawless angles, to putting her own spin on clothing haul try-on videos. Some of her popular videos feature her styling different clothing and swimsuits from FashionNova and Cupshe. Her most viewed video received over 1.1M views and 128K likes.

While TikTok might be her most engaged platform, she also holds an impressive presence on Instagram. Scarlett boasts 10.5K followers on her personal Instagram page, where she reposts her popular TikToks, gaining her an increase of views and engagement. An authentic social media influencer, Scarlett has jumped on the newest content creation feature on Instagram--Reels. Scarlett’s Reels replicate the same style she portrays in her TikToks. The appeal of creating Reels is her ability to extend her reach to grab the attention of popular brands. For example, FashionNova reposted one of her try-on videos of their dresses, directly enhancing her viewership on the platform.

Not only does Scarlett gain tremendous viewership on her own platform for her viral TikTok videos, but she also increases the views for artists she collaborates with, which include the songs she uses in her videos. She has helped 27 artists gain 1,680,648 views through her videos that use their tracks. Because she tags the artists in her posts, she provides her viewers a direct link to source the same songs to use for their videos. Staying true to her own interests, Scarlett uses music that is usually trending on TikTok and appeals to her own genre preferences. Her favorite musical genres are early 2000’s pop and rap.

Like most of its users, Scarlett got started with making TikTok videos during the COVID-19 quarantine. She started off as an avid viewer, spending hours scrolling through videos (a trait most of us can relate to). Claiming she is a shy person at heart, it took her a long time and a great deal of courage to post her first TikTok video. After immediately seeing people positively react to her videos, she burst out of her shell and started regularly creating content for the platform.

Scarlett is a professional who knows the power of her image and the content she creates. She knows her angles for both pictures and videos and has an impressive style that showcases her personality. When she isn’t modeling or creating social media content, she loves trying new foods from different restaurants with her husband or spending the morning brunching with her girlfriends.

Scarlett is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is 5' 7" with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her measurements include, Bust: 34", Waist: 25", Hips: 36", and Shoe: 7 US. You can find her on TikTok and Instagram @queeenscar.

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