New Art Makes for A Great Bikini

Have you ever wanted to have the same aweing effect as a gorgeous West Coast sunset? Wear a garment that is sure to turn heads when you’re lounging at the beach. The Oasis Swimwear line has you covered for your summer swimsuit debut.

Oasis Swimwear has taken a unique approach to styling swimwear and individual bathing suits. The swimming garments are available in bikini or one-piece options, always featuring a new design or views of scenic photography. You won’t see these incredible designs repurposed. As we accumulate new art, we are quickly turning it into wearable bikinis and one-pieces.

The process used for this design technique is called All Over Printing. It is a unique process of printing the entire garment before sewing it together. This ensures the entire art piece is correctly portrayed in the design, allowing you to transform into literal art. Wearing these swimsuits are guaranteed to attract attention from every direction with their big and bold designs.

All Over Printing is a relatively new design technique that packs a punch from far away. All Over Printing is similar to regular printing but does not limit the design to one particular area of the garment. This allows designers and artists the ability to explore the seams, hems, and zips of a piece of clothing—ensuring a unique design.

A design is crafted in a way that the entire image appears to extend past the border of the canvas. This is what graphic designers call bleed. This allows the artist more room to include an eye-catching design that will then be trimmed down to its intended look before being sewed together. Instead of the design being segregated to one focus area on the front and one on the back, the entire design from all vantage points looks incredible and stylish.

This particular design feature showcases a gorgeous West Coast sunset. The tops of the silhouetted palm trees complement the warm sunset behind them. The purple, pink, orange, and yellow colors saturate this design in a contrastingly soft tone, truly expressing a Los Angeles or San Diego view. Attract the attention of onlookers by evoking the same experience as gazing at the California Coast at the end of a long day exploring.

Whether you’re someone who loves strutting their stuff in bikinis or enjoy the comfort and classic design of a one-piece, this design will have you feeling like the image of a beautifully framed portrait. It’s the perfect design for reflecting your sunset views or dreaming of more relaxing vacation spots. It will become your go-to piece when you’re reminiscing about warm days under the Southern California sun.

Not quite the image you were looking for? Browse our multitude of sunset and beach selections to achieve the look you desire. Our All Over Printing looks give you the classic Southern California beach vibe without having the design be up for interpretation. Select a warm and relaxing view of the beach sunset or showcase the individual style of simple designs and elements.

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