New Polo Shirts Are Here

Whether you are teeing up at the golf course or entering your next conference meeting, make sure you’re arriving in sophisticated style. The Savoir Faire Men’s Short Sleeve Polo is the perfect business casual staple piece in your wardrobe.

Polo shirts are the perfect middle ground between a t-shirt and a button-down shirt. They are universally known as more professional than a cotton t-shirt, but they provide just as much, if not even more, comfort. If you’re traveling for a business trip, packing polo shirts are the best move to make because they resist wrinkling and don’t need to be ironed, unlike cotton t-shirts and formal button-downs.

Polos are a great choice for enhancing a casual look. They make for a great outfit when participating in an activity that requires light exercise. These close to formal shirts are made with knitted material instead of woven material, like those used in a button-down, so they give you more freedom of movement and release more heat. They were designed as sports uniforms for polo teams--a sport where you hit a ball with a mallet while on horseback. Many sports teams have adopted the polo shirt as part of their uniform because of its movement and breathable capabilities.

Styling polo shirts have been proven to be simple over the years, but many of the outfit choices are overdone. If you are looking to spruce up your outfit with a polo shirt, consider going outside the styling norm of pairing it with a pair of jeans. This look can be timeless to those dipping their toes in the world of fashion, but if you’re wearing a polo shirt and jeans to a business conference, prepare yourself to see a few others sporting the same look. If you’re approaching business casual territory, consider styling the shirt with a nice pair of chinos for a confident and successful look. If you’re looking to put together a comfortable active outfit, grab a pair of joggers that complements the shirt’s color.

Now that you have the outfit put together, make sure you know how to wear it. Tucking in your polo shirt into your waistband is a classic look that is well past its expiration date. A tucked in polo shirt is on the same fashion level of wearing your cell phone clipped to your belt. If you enjoy tucking in your shirts, consider French tucking your polo.

The best polo shirt is one that fits well. Polo shirts require a different tailored fit to them than regular t-shirts. You want to make sure your polo shirt is tight, but not too tight. Make sure the waist of the shirt fits like a regular t-shirt, but the cuffs of the arm should be tight to show your arm definition. Just make sure they aren’t leaving visible marks on your arm.

Savoir Faire’s polo shirts are 100% polyester textured knit with wicking finish, include a three-button placket with dyed-to-match buttons, offer snag-resistance and wash-and-wear convenience, and are also available for Women.

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