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Special events should be the most memorable moments in our lives. Whether we’re celebrating an important milestone or just rejoicing in life’s simple pleasures, events leave a lasting impression. But an incredible event is only as good as it is coordinated.

Tia Maria Montemurro is an experienced event coordinator in Westchester, Rockland, and New York City. She specializes in hosting dinner events, enhancing your dining experience with background music featuring the classic sounds of Frank Sinatra, Barry White, Cher, and more. She has a well established portfolio of event venues to choose from including The Coliseum Night Club in White Plains, The Time Hotel in Nyack, The Trump Plaza, and The Attic Rooftop in New York City. Her new website seamlessly shares her expertise while taking you through the journey of event coordination.

The ambiance is what sets the tone and keeps the event lively. Whether you are hosting a relaxing evening or an upbeat celebration, the ambiance accentuates the quality of the evening, keeps the guests interested in the conversation, and ensures attendees enjoy their time. The right event coordinator will work efficiently to maintain an ambiance that matches the purpose of the event. According to research, 91% of casual dining restaurant patrons say a pleasant atmosphere influences their decision to visit a certain venue. This belief translates into every venue and event. No matter the purpose of the event, the ambiance should draw guests in, make sure they are walking away having just had a positive experience, and leave them wanting to return.

Tia understands what it takes to successfully create an intricate ambiance. Her events consist of a DJ and an occasional live band including saxophone players, percussionists, and/or violinist. To further elevate your guest’s entertainment, she has recently included performing artists and tribute acts.

Tia’s clientele consists of the upscale ladies and gentlemen over the age of 30—including a balance of intriguing couples and singles. Her events remain sophisticated, energetic, and engaging, catering to every guest’s highest expectations. Ranging from atmospheres replicating Miami lounges or New York City nightlife, her events entice to dance the night away as photographers and videographers capture every memorable second.

Her portfolio consists of monthly events that range in theme, such as her popular annual white party. This event shines a light on the finer things in life, allowing guests to dress up in their finest dresses, suits, and sportcoats. One of her most important events of the year is the Holiday Charity Event for Toys For Tots. This specific event holds a special place in Tia’s heart since she dedicates it in memory of her son, Guy.

You shouldn’t plan an event without a professional and engaging event coordinator. Tia’s radiant personality and warm heart shines through in every step of the event planning process and through the duration of the event. She welcomes each guest personally, ensuring they attend each monthly event with enthusiasm and elation. Tia has made a name for herself as her amicable reputation begins with a personal welcome and lasts through every detail of the evening.

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