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Small business in our communities is what America was built on. They continue to be a necessary foundation for us to explore individual creativity, support local community members, and find our community’s personality and brand. With the rise of major corporations and business conglomerates, the need to keep small businesses alive is more prevalent than ever.

I AM Yonkers is here to help keep the american dream alive for Mom & Pop shops in the city of Yonkers, New York. Join their community of businesses supporting businesses through their newly updated website.

According to the SBA, the United States is home to 28.8 million small businesses. This equates to 99.7% of all US businesses. Small Mom & Pop businesses have spearheaded the past-paced growing economy of our country since 1776. The origins of the American Dream can be traced back to small businesses supplying a multitude of entry level to executive jobs for anyone looking to make a profit. They created tremendous opportunities for American citizens and immigrants coming to this country in search for a better life.

Supporting small businesses is more important that you might realize. Not only do small businesses represent the American Dream and create a web of jobs, but they also put your support right back into the community. 92% of small business owners donate to charities and non-profit organizations within their communities. They also encourage their employees to volunteer on community based projects to enhance the quality of living within the place they operate. Supporting your local small businesses usually means you are keeping the money directly in your neighborhood. Local businesses are more likely to locally source their products, which recycles your money into more local businesses while reducing the carbon footprint from shipping goods. Shopping at local businesses helps your community members and its businesses thrive.

I AM Yonkers understands the benefits that come with supporting small businesses in the city of Yonkers, which is why their mission is to give local businesses recognition, promotional, and networking opportunities. Through a thorough networking plan, I AM Yonkers aims to stimulate growth and awareness for the Mom & Pop and locally owned businesses in the community.

Created by the team at ZAZZ Radio, I AM Yonkers developed its love for the local Yonkers community by operating as a locally broadcasted Online Radio Station with deep ties to the community. We encourage a community of networking and sharing ideas to increase industry innovation and keep the American Dream alive in Yonkers and other communities across America.

I AM Yonkers offers membership packages in which local business owners can show their support for their community and get involved in Yonkers based events and mixers which allow business owners to network, share ideas, and organically grow their brand’s awareness across the City of Yonkers. If you are a small business based in Yonkers, you know how difficult it is to rebrand your company and innovate to keep up with the big company competition. Join a community of your local business owners to crowdsource your small business intelligence and soar above the competition.

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