Oliver N Is Now Working With FIN

Oliver Nakakande defines elegance and sophistication. Former Miss Uganda knows what it takes to radiate beauty from within and have it encompass her entire appearance. Her experience with performing during beauty pageants has given her to skills needed to be a top model.

Oliver was 24 when she was crowned at Miss Uganda 2019/2020 in July 2019. She competed with 22 other women fighting for the same title. Oliver’s enchanting beauty and thoughtful aura excelled her well above her fellow contestants.

Not only did she take the crown, but she was also given the title of Miss Congeniality. This cherished title is given to the contestant who most acts with geniality. They are someone who has a high sense of empathy and compassion towards others in the pageant contestants. This title is significant in pageants because it is voted on and awarded by the contestants. Oliver’s fellow contestants voted for her because of her impressive inner beauty and admirable traits of kindness.

While Oliver did not win the title of Miss World, she still had an impressive pageant. She finished in the Top 40 for the coveted title and secured placements in other categories. She became the Runner-Up at Miss World Top Model, finished in the Top 32 in Miss World Sports, and became the Miss World Magazine Cover Girl.

As Miss World Uganda, Oliver has spent her time working and volunteering with different charities and causes. She actively worked with organizations that raised awareness on the lack of knowledge around young women’s menstrual and sexual health and hygiene while in schools. Many African girls do not have access to feminine hygiene products and are forced to stay home during their menstrual cycles, which causes them to fall behind in school and even drop out. There is also a lack of sexual reproduction education that has raised unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.

Oliver has stated on her Instagram, after working with these organizations and meeting with women in these situations, she has seen hope restored in many of them. Young pregnant women are no longer blaming themselves for their mistakes and are confident to go back to school after giving birth.

During the COVID-19 lockdown, Oliver worked with charities to bring much-needed supplies to those in need. She celebrated Easter Sunday 2020 going door to door to pass out food in underprivileged communities around Kampala and Wakiso. The food packages included chicken, rice, sugar, and other materials to help families get through the holiday.

Oliver stated that the most rewarding part of becoming Miss World Uganda was helping the needy. She saw the crown as an opportunity to bring awareness around helping the underprivileged in her society.

She has also spent her time in lockdown interviewing her fellow beauty pageant contestants and other influential individuals on Instagram Live, bringing everyone together virtually during this challenging time.

Oliver harnesses an aura that demands power. She is an experienced model who understands the power of projecting her inner beauty to enhance her strong physical appearance.

Oliver is currently based in Dubai and has 17.5K followers on Instagram. She is 5' 11" with black hair and dark brown eyes. Her measurements include, Bust: 36", Waist: 28", Hips: 40", and Shoe: 10 US. You can find her on Instagram @olivernakakande.

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