You Should Look Good If You Have to Wear It

The world has completely changed, but that doesn’t mean your sense of style has to.

Face masks have become mandatory and commonplace in just about every area of the world. They’re the key to the return to a level of normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic and are unlikely to go away anytime soon. Don’t sacrifice your personal style by wearing a generic disposable mask. The Savoir Faire Mask will ensure you keep the brand of entrepreneurship, success, and confidence in your safety fashion.

The reason why the world’s population has adopted face masks for everyday use is because they are scientifically proven to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The virus is primarily transmitted through respiratory droplets in the air. These droplets travel into the air whenever you cough, sneeze, talk, sing, or shout. They then land in the mouths, noses, or hands of other people who are near you. You can also breathe in these droplets, contracting the virus.

Face masks are a thin but effective barrier that act to prevent your respiratory droplets from infecting others. When worn properly, over the nose and mouth, masks reduce the spray of respiratory droplets in a given area.

Because face masks are mainly worn to prevent you from spreading disease to others, you should always wear one even if you do not feel sick. Several studies have discovered people can spread the disease without developing COVID-19 symptoms. People can transmit the virus without even knowing they are infected. This is why masks have become so crucial during this pandemic.

The CDC recommends wearing a mask when you are indoors with people you are not regularly around if you are unable to stay at least six feet apart. COVID-19 mainly spread to people who are in close contact with one another.

Wearing a medically promoted mask does not mean it needs to be bland. Face masks have been in style among predominantly Asian countries for decades. While they are mainly worn to help prevent the spread of diseases, there are alternative reasons why people use them. For example, they can be used as face warmers on cold days or hide blemishes that might have appeared overnight. They are also worn to assist in protection from disease and pollution, to act as a barrier if you’re feeling shy, and even to complement an outfit.

Face masks have quickly become a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Some people enjoy sticking to simple solid colored face masks while others use them to showcase their personality. Top designers have even made masks for red carpet events such as The Grammys and The Golden Globes.

The Savoir Faire Mask exudes regal, sophisticated energy that can be seen in its simplistic design. The mask is one-size fits all but contains adjustment straps, ensuring it will fit comfortably to your face. Let this face mask speak to your entrepreneurial style by representing the Savoir Faire brand.

This face mask is 100% polyester, elastic straps: 80% nylon, and 20% spandex.

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