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Robert White Is the Owner and CEO of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. He launched and started the corporation on his own with a $400 investment. The company went public on purpose on September 29th, 2013. This is Robert's Birthday and he wanted to share the start day of his brand with his own Birthday.

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Robert White Is the Owner and CEO of Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. He launched and started the corporation on his own with a $400 investment. The company went public on purpose on September 29th, 2013. This is Robert's Birthday and he wanted to share the start day of his brand with his own Birthday. Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. is an advertising and marketing company that works with clients in the entertainment industry around the globe bring them exposure in the ever-changing and competitive world of Entertainment.


In 2013 when the brand started, Robert was unemployed and had just left a job working in the sales department of the local newspaper. It was good timing that a program hosted by New York State allowing residents of the state on unemployment to start their own business and still receive their unemployment checks. The program required Robert to not only take a business course but to gain counseling through a business coach. It was this program that gave Robert the ability to launch his company.


The company started under the name Dolphin Entertainment Company and was the home to a collection of models named The Dolls of DEC. DEC was also home to a roster of professional DJ’s that performed in and around the United States. These DJ’s brought a high energy show to the nightlife scene, and the models were able to be booked to work along with them. 


In 2014 Robert’s focus became more about the talent and exposing them to more paid opportunities in promotion and marketing positions. The models that were involved with the company at that time would head out to promotional events and other opportunities through the company’s efforts. Soon enough models from around the country were contacting Robert and learning more about his promotional modeling team. It was later in 2014 that Robert would take his first invite to New York Fashion Week. It was that trip to NYC that would lite a fire under him that would never go out!

On returning to Corning, New York after a week in the big apple Robert realized that promotional modeling and the income to be had was minimal compared to the ever-changing Fashion industry and the models that were gracing the runways. It was that realization that took the company through a major change and it was that change that rebranded the Dolls of DEC and gave birth to FIN Talent Agency on September 29th of 2014. Exactly on the one-year anniversary of the company.


“I completely changed my whole perspective on the modeling industry because of that trip to New York City and it made me realize that I needed to step up my game. I knew that I wanted to not only continue to work with models from all over the country, but I wanted to get models on those runway shows and in front of the major companies that I had been exposed to on that trip.


When I reached out to the models and started talking to them about what they wanted out of an agency they told me that they wanted to be published.

So, I hit the emails, Google, and anything I could to get access to the people at Hearst, Conde Nast, and Time Inc. to get my models exposed in Publications. It was months and months of trying before I decided that if no doors were going to open, then I would create my own doors and I launch my own magazine!


Splash Magazine started out as a newsletter that I would email to these publishers, corporate contacts, and others that I wanted to touch base with about the talent I was working with. I bragged them up so much and took every opportunity I could to tell someone important about them.

In 2015 I had models working at Watkins Glen International as promo models and low and behold a limo started driving through the crowd. As Soon as Tommy Hilfiger stepped out of the car and started heading into the VIP area, I stopped him and handed him a card.


“Tommy, I’d love to have you check out the models I’m working with, they belong on your runways”

He just nodded his head and, took the card, and walked away. I wanted nothing more than to get my models exposed to the biggest brands in the world and I still do!


After the content of the newsletter started getting posted on Facebook, I had an overwhelming amount of people that reached out to me asking about being published. Models were coming out of everywhere and so the official Splash Magazine was born from that constant contact."


Once Splash Magazine changed from being a newsletter and became a magazine it had to be promoted and distributed. It took some time but eventually, I was able to lock down international brands to help me distribute the brand.


In February 2015 Splash Magazine gained press passes to New York Fashion Week and it was that special edition that brought on Belle Femme Magazine.  We wanted Splash to be a Swimwear all the time brand and the fashion just didn’t have a home in the publication, so we launched Belle Femme Magazine. Belle Femme was a fashion magazine that allowed Robert to feature models from a different genre in this publication and allowed access to great shows that were not accessible with Splash Magazine. Before too long models from around the world, as well as national designers, have been featured in the pages of Belle Femme and the brand quickly became known for covering more of NYFW than any other publication, giving designers of all sizes and skill levels a place to be published.


At the end of 2016 Crush Magazine came on to the market and became Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc’s third publication. This fun and flirty publication is a Men’s Interest publication that is growing by leaps and bounds. Other divisions were also created in late 2016 such as The Model Outlet a social media website that allows modeling industry professionals to connect.


In 2018 after an investment came into Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. Robert Launched yet another publication named Savoir Faire Magazines. At the beginning of 2018 when this brand was developed it had no clear direction and wouldn’t until later in 2018 when Robert figured out exactly what Savoir Faire was going to be and believed in it so much that Savoir Faire Magazines acquired the Splash Magazine platform.


Knowing this brand has potential and with the growth of Crush Magazine, Belle Femme Magazines was discontinued as well as The Model Outlet, so Robert could focus on the new brands.


The Company continues to expand and grow and reach into new ideas inside Robert’s brain and bring them to life. 2018 also was the official launch of a web design service under the name Dolfin Designs and a unique distribution service for his publications was launched names, MagZstand.

It’s only a matter of time before the world of Entertainment will not be able to ignore the man and the company that is shaking up the industry!


“Every time I take a step forward, I get sent two steps back. The learning curve is never-ending but I know I will reach my personal and professional goals and when I do, well the industry will be forever changed after that.” Robert White



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